Mancora is a beautiful beach town in the far north of Peru. It has a bit of a reputation for being a dangerous party town which I suppose it can be but provided you keep your wits about you it’s no more dangerous than any other Peruvian town. I stayed at the northern end of Mancora at an awesome hostel called Misfits that is run by a Portuguese guy who is a legend.

The hostel attracts a laid-back crowd and has a great atmosphere, the days are spent lazying around in the sun and the evenings having a few drinks or a meal together. The hostel is literally in the sand dunes with cool beach bungalow dorms and privates and a beach shack common area.

If you’re up for something a bit more active Mancora is a great place to learn to Kite Surf and there is also a number of scuba diving schools although friends that went diving said the visibility was terrible and not worth it… A couple of beaches south of Mancora there is a place where you can swim with sea turtles. The water is a bit murky and if you’re not careful they will run straight into you. There are apparently turtles there all year round as they feed off the local fishermans scraps.

Mancora is the perfect place if you are looking to chill out and relax but if you are planning a quiet and relaxing stay keep out of the centre of town as Mancora does have a party reputation for a reason. After a few days of the surf and sand I headed south to Trujillo on my way to Chachapoyas in central Peru.

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