IMG_5878Montañita is where Ecuadorian’s come to relax and party, it attracts everybody from celebrities to foreign backpackers. It’s know for its year round parties although don’t expect endless sun all year round, from June to September most days are cloudy with drizzling rain. I was there from mid June to mid July and on average we had about one day of sunshine a week, although even on cloudy rainy days it’s warm enough to go swimming. Its not a bad little town and if you want to party for a few days, or weeks, then it’s a good place to go but if your around in June/July and you want sun your better off heading to Mancora in the north of Peru. If you just want to relax the neighbouring beaches are nice and quiet, Olon for example, the next beach north is just as nice but without the pumping reggaeton. Depending on when you visit you can also organise whale watching trips although they usually depart from around Puerto Lopez.

IMG_5607The main reason I travelled to Montañita was to complete my CELTA certificate (english teacher qualification). The course that they offer at International House runs for five weeks and is a combination of theory and practice. The trainers were great; very experienced, easy going, and they made it all seem much easier than we all expected. The students; locals from the surrounding beaches were fantastic. They were always eager to learn and also very patient and supportive of us (the learner teachers). It was a great experience and beautiful place to complete the course. Living on-site (in our own private bungalows) made it easy to cope with the massive workload as the course was full-time, 5 days a week, with assignments due every week which took up most of the weekends as well. I can’t recommend this program highly enough, it is the place to do your CELTA certificate in South America, maybe even the world 😛

After Montañita it was onto Cuenca for a few days before heading to Peru.


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