Navimag Ferry


For a change of pace from buses and planes I took the Navimag Ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt, a four day and three night journey along the Chilean coast. The ship itself is a converted cargo vessel that has been reconfigured to carry passengers, vehicles and cargo. The weather was quite awful, almost constant rain but it was still a welcome change the bus. There was a great group of people on the boat to share the journey with which made the trip fly by. I have heard it can be quite a beautiful trip up the coast and if you’re lucky and travelling in the right season you can see whales, dolphins and penguins.

The cabins are fairly basic but clean and warm which is more than I can say for the accommodations that the poor cattle had to endure. They had to stand for the whole journey in the cold and rain with no food and water besides the rain to drink and the straw on the ground that they also shat on!

From time to time I did see bits of the coast peeking through the rain clouds and we also passed close to a ship that had run aground atop another ship sometime ago. The rusty wreckage was awesome to see.

Despite the weather and lack of wildlife I would still recommend the journey and if you’re luckier than I was it could be quite a stunning journey. I didn’t hang around for long in Puerto Montt although it was quite a pretty little town. From Puerto Montt a number of people headed north to Pucón which is supposed to be amazing but I was on a tight time frame trying to make it to San Pedro de Atacama during the new moon phase so I would be treated to nice dark skies! From Puerto Montt I took an overnight bus to Santiago.

Some more photos


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