Batase Village Jan 2014


It was only a short visit to Batase this time round, largely just to visit the children at the hostel and all the students at the school. Sam and I caught the public bus from Boudha to Talamarang which took about four and a half hours. After our lunch of veg chow mien we discussed whether or not to wait for the bus up to Batase… Read more here


My new and revised blog

I have recently redone my old blog and it can now be found here. I am about to set off again after two years back at home, it has been a great two years home with friends and family but it is now time to set off again. After a few weeks in Nepal and Vietnam I will be heading to South America for a few months to learn Spanish, trek Patagonia and get my CELTA qualification before moving to Nepal to work with the Friends of Himalayan Children in Batase Village where I spent some time two years ago.

On my last trip I travelled through Cambodia, Laos, China, Tibet and Nepal. I also spent time in London and volunteering at Nalanda Monastery in France.

I have now updated this blog to include some photos from places I have visited in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and here in Australia.

I’ll continue to keep this up to date as I travel through South America and back to Nepal.